Why Should you Study in Perth?

Why Should you Study in Perth?

Western Australia’s largest and capital city is Perth. In 2020, the population of Greater Perth was 2.1 million, which is 80% of this state. Perth falls under Western Australia’s South West Land and its maximum metropolitan area falls between Darling Scarp and the Indian Ocean. Perth was founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling as Swan River Colony’s administrative center.

Perth has been ranked as one of the most liveable cities globally; the Globalization and World Cities Research Network classified Perth as a global Beta city. Moreover, Perth has an amazing climate that international students love. It receives winter-based highly seasonal rainfall. Also, summers are from December-March when it stays sunny and dry. Winters are relatively wet and cool ensuring Perth’s Mediterranean hot-summer climate. Annually, this city has over 138 days of sunshine, which makes it the sunniest city in Australia.

Such a remarkable climate along with excellent educational options has led people to pursue various cookery courses in Perth. To study in Perth, you need to know about the best colleges.  Take a look!

Colleges and universities

Curtin University:

It was founded in 1966 as the Western Australian Institute of Technology but in 1986, its name was changed, and received its university status. It ranks 6th in Australia’s Top 10 Universities.

Edith Cowan University:

It is Western Australia’s public university and was named after Edith Cowan, who was the Australian Parliament’s first elected woman. It gained university status in 1991 but its history goes back to 1902 for its tertiary colleges’ amalgamation.

Stanley College:

Hailed as one of the best universities in Perth Australia; it offers you several courses and these qualifications are equivalent to university or TAFE degrees.

University of Western Australia:

UWA was established in 1911 and is the 6th oldest college in Western Australia. It has remarkable faculty; two of which won Nobel Prizes due to their research here.

Murdoch University:

It was established as the state’s second university in 1973. This public university ranked 3rd in the overall scholar satisfaction list in 2019 among all public universities.
If you are looking to study in this city, then these are the universities to check out for the best cookery courses in Perth.

Transportation system

Public transport makes the city more accessible and easier for international students. It is divided into travel zones; irrespective of how far you travel, there’s no need to pay more than a 2-zone ticket fare. Also, several discounts are available for scholars.
Apart from buses and trains, you can also opt for metered taxis and other services like Uber. Also, getting a license will help you to drive your car or bike. Lastly, there are numerous cycle lanes and Perth’s sunny weather makes riding your cycle for commuting an ideal healthier, and inexpensive option.

The monthly cost of living  in Perth

Single room rent would be around $550 monthly while food will cost $200 (monthly). Other expenses include transport, entertainment, mobile & internet, water, electricity & gas, etc. would come to a total of $1000 (approximately) such affordable pricing leads people to study in colleges in Perth.
Note: This prediction is for a single scholar and doesn’t include course fees, materials, etc. Also, this monthly expense will greatly depend on a scholar’s lifestyle.


Accommodation of international students depends on several aspects. You can choose options like short stay, dedicated scholar accommodation, on-campus, homestay, or renting a room or a house. A short stay is ideal for you after you arrive in the city and before moving to your permanent accommodation. Hence, after this, it depends on your budget and other requirements for you to decide which option you want to select to continue your study in Australia.

Places to explore in Perth

  1. Art Gallery of Western Australia: The public art gallery was established in 1895. Several amazing exhibitions to check out include Northern Territory’s contemporary and traditional indigenous art, 1820-1960 Western Australia (WA), and more. It is located near the state library and museum of WA.
  2. The Perth Mint: It is a remarkable tourist attraction that is owned by the WA government. It is an official bullion mint. This mint was Australia’s one of the last three colonial branches of the UK’s Royal Mint. Its headquarters is at 310 Hay Street, Perth.
  3. Kings Park and Botanic Garden: It is a 988-acre property that looks over Perth Water. It combines botanical gardens along with Mount Eliza’s natural bushland, grass parkland, and more. It provides a mesmerizing view of the Darling Range and Swan River. Also, it’s home to 80 species of bird, 215 fungi indigenous species, and 324 plant varieties.
  4. Perth Zoo: It is a 41-acre zoological park that opened in 1898. In 2011, it had over 164 species and 1258 animals.

Interesting facts about Perth

  • Quokka in the wild: Cute and small marsupials live on Rottnest Island. People globally visit this island to take selfies with the world’s happiest animal.
  • Boorloo: Whadjuk Nyoongar people’s country is where Perth is situated. These people were traditional owners of WA’s southwest for over 45,000 years. The river here is Nyoongar people’s sacred place and preserves several Waugal stories; Waugal is referred to a water serpent that created and maintains this river along with Perth’s other water features.
  • Garden gnome communities: Gnomesville is a community dedicated just to garden gnomes just a little further from Ferguson Valley. It is home to 5,000 gnomes and this number keeps increasing.
  • Busselton wooden jetty: 1,800m long wooden jetty is the longest in the southern hemisphere. It offers a stunning view when you walk on this jetty gives a newfound love for natural beauty.

Top TAFE courses to Pursue

These are the best cookery courses to study in Perth. It will give you an edge in your professional career as well as offer you the to stay in this amazing city and explore it accordingly.


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