Government Funded Courses in Australia

Government Funded Courses in Australia

The demand for government-funded courses is increasing every day. More students seek to pursue these as they assist in developing skills that will lead to successful employment opportunities. To know more about such government-funded training courses, look at the detailed guide presented below.

What do you mean by Government funded courses?

The Australian government provides subsidies and funding for deserving scholars. Such subsidies help students to study, develop a specific set of skills, and be job ready without any huge financial dilemma.
To help build WA, several job-ready courses are being offered to people. In such classes, people are trained to enter the job market with specific experiences. Through job placement perks, an individual can easily land jobs.

Government funding is provided in several disciplines; these generally include top-priority sectors where employees are required to fill out skill gaps adequately. Some of the government-funded courses fall under Education and Community Services, Automotive, Building and Construction, Creative Industry, Hospitality, etc.

What do you mean by VET Courses?

VET is short for Vocational Education and Training. Such industry-developed training courses are nationally recognized.

This is an educational system, which focuses on scholars’ preparation to join the Australian workforce. VET aids in achieving this by helping students gain practical skills along with the required knowledge. Such knowledge and skills are crucial for entering this nation’s workforce for the first time; however, it is also ideal for students that want to upgrade their skills, change careers or carry out further education.

VET works with Australian government RTOs, TAFE, etc. to aid in building a scholar’s career through competencies and a professional toolkit. Moreover, it is a time-efficient and cost-effective approach that people can opt for without choosing other costly and lengthy educational forms.

Types of VET courses

There are several types of VET courses available for students that are:

Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III, & Certificate IV

These courses offer knowledge and training in a particular high-priority industry like community services, automotive, digital media, etc. The training provided will range from beginners or entry-level aspects to further advanced skills and more like management study, supervisory, etc. In addition, the courses take 6 months – 2 years to complete depending on the certificate level.
Certificate I and II deal with entry-level standards while III and IV offer much specific training and knowledge. Moreover, III and IV certifications will aid in landing high-paying jobs more quickly than any other VET course type. It is why most people choose to join a Certificate III or IV government-subsidized course more than any other.

Diploma courses

A specialized set of skills is developed through this type of VET course. After completing a diploma, people can apply for jobs in numerous workplaces depending on the course pursued and skills gained. While opting for full-time study, a diploma course would take 1 – 2 years to complete.
Apart from job prospects, many students use it as a route for further education. However, most choose it to acquire the required skill set and get a job quickly.

Advanced Diploma

This is a level higher than diploma courses and most people can directly opt for such free government-funded courses. However, people need to have certain prerequisites to acquire entry to such degrees like having a diploma in a field or so.
This advanced diploma form is where an individual is taught applied skills and advanced levels required to land a job. The skills taught in areas include engineering, information technology, building, construction, etc. Opting for an advanced diploma will lead people to study full-time for 18–24 months.

These are the types of VET courses that people can pick to pursue. However, most go for Certificate III and IV type because of the skill set acquired, job opportunities upon completion, and more.


Subjects offered for training

Numerous subjects fall under the VET training and qualification. These include:

  1. Aged Care
  2. Training and Assessment
  3. Accounting
  4. Management
  5. Education Support
  6. Business
  7. Entrepreneurship and small businesses
  8. Business administration
  9. Financial Planning
  10. Cyber Security
  11. Community planning
  12. Project management
  13. Nursing
  14. Early Childhood Education and Care
  15. Veterinary Nursing
  16. Counseling
  17. Beauty therapy
  18. Building Design
  19. Electrotechnology
  20. Horticulture
  21. Commercial Cookery
  22. Hospitality Management

These are the popular courses that fall under VET course training.

Government institutions that offer Scholarships:

  1. Jobs and Skills WA: This is one of the best institutions that offer people government-funded courses to study and be job ready. They assist in WA’s recovery by providing skilled individuals to the workforce by providing required skills and knowledge in the form of free job-ready programs.
  2. North Metro TAFE: This educational institute is funded by the state government and delivers TAFE-subsidised courses. Perth’s northern suburbs is where it offers its services across 10 campuses. Though it has a long history when it comes to the establishment, the current form was established in 2016 after several mergers took place.
  3. South Metro TAFE: After a merger of Polytechnic West and Challenger Institute of Technology in 2016, South Metro TAFE was established. It has campuses all over WA such as Bentley, Armadale, Thornlie, Rockingham, Murdoch, Naval Base, etc. It now delivers over 350 courses that are nationally accredited and recognized all over the Australian job market.
  4. Skills Ready WA: This is another government institution that provides people with an option to upgrade their skills through available courses. All courses are accredited nationally and will help in enhancing an individual’s skill set. This government-funded institute has several campuses in WA to choose from and study accordingly.
  5. South Regional TAFE: With a rise in vocational training courses in Australia, this institute offers such courses in WA’s southern region. This was formed in 2016 after a merger occurred among South West Technology Institute, Goldfield Technology Institute, Great Southern Technology Institute, etc.

Eligibility for the courses for international students

People who are eligible for such courses are:

  • Australian citizen
  • Residents with Australian permanent visa
  • Visa holders of subclass 309,785, 790, 444, 04 820
  • Temporary sub-class 457 visa holder
  • Bridging Visa E holders
  • Under-employed or unemployed

Moreover, people who completed the 12th year can also opt for such subsidized training courses.

Final thoughts:

VET courses include the cheapest TAFE course for international students along with other options. It is a great path to further studies or simply land a job upgrading the required skill set. By opting for VET courses people avoid the financial burden and yet receive skills and job placement opportunities. Hence, more people nowadays are opting for such courses from government-funded institutes to land a job as per their preference.

Though there are different types of courses available, most people opt for Certificate III and IV types because of the specialization skill set and knowledge it provides. Jobs are available in industries such as commercial cookery, automotive, education and community services, etc. after an individual completes VET training.


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