Interesting Facts About Commercial Cookery Courses In Australia

Interesting Facts About Commercial Cookery Courses In Australia

It is not usual for a cooking lover, practitioner, or culinary arts student to aspire to be a chef or commercial kitchen manager. You must do a commercial cookery course if you live in Australia and want to work in these industries. Cookery courses also provide you the opportunity to learn a variety of skills that will come in handy later in life. After completing the commercial cookery courses in Australia, you can become a professional chef quickly.

About Commercial Cookery Courses In Australia

The Commercial Cookery course teaches students about important cooking abilities. Besides learning how to make soups and starters, this course also teaches you how to prepare meat, seafood, treats, and cakes while adhering to health and safety regulations. Moreover, you will learn how to develop cost-effective menus that reflect cultural preferences. Commercial cookery courses can make you an integral part of the hospitality industry. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on polishing traditional and regional culinary techniques so that students can understand the techniques underlying all types of cuisine.

An apprentice cook can work in various situations after completing a course that incorporates theory, practice, and hands-on experience. With this certificate, you will learn about restaurant operations as well as how to prepare foods from various cultures around the world. Students will understand the nature of food in addition to studying its chemical composition and the necessity of nutrition.

Advantages of Studying Commercial Cookery Course in Australia

There are many benefits to pursuing a commercial cookery course in Australia. Take a look at the benefits of pursuing commercial cookery career paths:

The Industry With The Highest Growth Rate

Chefs and related positions will be abundant in the near future. This makes a career in the hospitality industry one of the fastest-growing careers in Australia. Professional cooks are in high demand as a result of a multicultural society and the demand for diverse cuisine in Australia.

Having A Comfortable Schedule

There is flexibility in the work schedules of the restaurants according to the demands of their customers. There are also services available in the restaurant’s morning, day, and night shifts. Managing working hours according to one’s preferences concerning time is possible in this profession.

Exposure To The World

With a chef course in Australia, you can polish your cooking skills with theoretical and practical knowledge. Additionally, you will gain experience in international cuisines, enabling you to move abroad and work anywhere.

Permanent Residency Through Commercial Cookery

Australian states such as Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, and NT list commercial cookery as a skilled occupation. A course like this can be chosen by anyone who plans to settle in Australia in the near future. You can easily obtain permanent residency by pursuing a commercial cookery course and becoming a chef in Australia as long as you meet all the other conditions.

You Can Travel By Taking Commercial Cookery Courses

Completing commercial cooking courses of your choice will enable you to travel throughout the world. How is this possible? Well, through cruise ships. Cruise ships are similar to hotels, except they are much larger and can travel between locations.

Undoubtedly, you will have the opportunity to experience the best locations because of these floating hotels that cater to tourists. A cruise ship chef’s job allows you to learn about different cultures while creating unique cuisine. You will undoubtedly feel fulfilled in this dream job, where you can travel the world while cooking on the cruise.

How Do I Become A Chef In Australia?

Let us now understand how one can become a chef in Australia and kickstart one’s career in commercial cookery. Below are some qualifications needed to become a chef:

Diploma Of Hospitality Management

You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective management in the hospitality sector with a nationally recognized Diploma in Hospitality Management course. You’ll get to choose from business manager, unit manager, catering operations manager, executive housekeeper, kitchen manager, club manager, and more.

Certificate 4 in Kitchen Management

It is a rewarding opportunity for those passionate about cooking. This course can help you turn your passion into a career. You can become a senior chef/supervisor in a wide range of kitchens by taking a kitchen management course in Australia. Aside from learning first aid, workplace health and safety, food safety, workplace management, and other skills, you will also get hands-on experience in all these areas. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about cooking for a living.

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

This vocational qualification equips individuals with essential skills and knowledge for a career in the culinary industry. This course covers a range of topics, including food safety, menu planning, kitchen operations, and teamwork. Students learn to prepare and cook various dishes, gaining expertise in diverse cooking techniques.

You will have several career options available to you following certificate iii in commercial cookery or other cookery courses, including:

  • Event manager
  • Catering manager
  • Chef
  • Conference center manager
  • Accommodation manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Public house manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Fast food restaurant manager


A successful career as a professional chef begins with a culinary school that emphasizes practical and theoretical skills taught by industry experts. Taking a cookery course is the first step towards a bright career. These cookery courses will help you learn the skills necessary to advance your career in top restaurants, 5-star hotels, and even clubs and pubs.

A job in the hospitality industry could be right up your alley if you’re passionate about becoming a professional chef. You can get theoretical and practical knowledge from professional chef training through a commercial cookery or culinary course.


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