Salary of Chef in Australia According to the Cities

Salary of Chef in Australia According to the Cities

The demand for good food around the world is increasing substantially. Thus, it gave rise to the demand for chefs and more scholars opt to pursue a hospitality management curriculum to become one. Also, the salary of chefs is quite high nowadays; however, a lot of factors determine a chef’s salary. The primary factor that determines a salary is the city, where a chef works. Hence, take a look at the average salary of chefs in Australia and more.

What is a chef?

A chef is a pro who is proficient when it comes to creating a specific cuisine. “Chef de cuisine” means kitchen’s head or director in French and this is where “Chef” was derived from.

Frequently, these culinary masters will take on the leadership role in a kitchen and also experiment with flavors for making delicious dishes. To become a chef, people opt for a culinary course or work with reputable chefs. A chef can work in a restaurant, catering service, hotels, etc. Typically, a chef is responsible for following a budget, creating staff schedules, enforcing sanitation, holding regular staff meetings, and researching trends.

Is chef in demand in Australia?

The hospitality industry’s backbone is chefs. From corporate events to celebrations such as parties, ceremonies, meetings, religious activities, weddings, etc. would be incomplete without food. Therefore, chefs are always in demand globally, especially in first-world countries like Australia. Employment projections from JSA show future opportunities as a chef and other related professions. The jobs below-mentioned data projects will include Commis Chef, Chef de Partie, Second Chef, Demi Chef, and Sous Chef.

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The latest data is created for the period of 2021 November to 2026 November. Over this five-year period, the number of workers in this field will increase substantially. In 2021, there were a total of 81,100 individuals working in this field. By 2023, November, this number is expected to rise by 13.9% or to 92,200 jobs.

Note: The numbers are rounded to the nearest 100 and thus, rounded numbers might be slightly different when compared with the Employment Projection Page. Also, the figures mentioned are for people whose chief occupations are stated above.

Salary of Chefs according to cities

1. Perth

The average chef’s salary in Perth is $95,178 per year. Working in Perth as a chef means an individual will have to work in a fast-paced environment like a commercial kitchen, resort, bar, etc. with like-minded driven people. Moreover, some of the benefits of working as a chef in Perth include:

  1. Ample job opportunities now and in the coming years
  2. Above-average national salaries
  3. Pathway to PR
  4. Large ex-pat community
  5. Enjoy a higher living standard
  6. Great weather
  7. Stunning beaches and other destinations

This is one of the best cities to work in Australia as a chef. It offers numerous benefits and more.

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2. Melbourne

The average chef’s salary in Melbourne is $76,992 annually. Some of the benefits of moving to Melbourne means an individual will move to one of the most liveable cities in the world. Ample public transportation options, a great lifestyle, a low crime rate, etc. make it a great place to live in.

3. Sydney

The average chef’s salary in Sydney is $67,159. Sydney has some of the best places in Australia to relax after a hard day at work. Also, it offers great nightlife, fantastic weather, stunning beaches, etc. In addition, working here means people get above-average national salaries to enjoy a good living standard.

4. Brisbane

The average salary for a chef here is $67,691. The temperate climate and beautiful weather are what every resident of this city enjoys. Easy transportation, a relaxing lifestyle, peaceful family life, a prosperous economy, an easy transportation system, rich culture, and more are some of the perks enjoyed by people staying and working in Brisbane.

5. Adelaide

Like Perth, Adelaide offers a high average salary to a chef. Here, the average salary of such a pro is $95,621. Also, people prefer staying in this city because of its affordable living cost. In addition, it offers a convenient public transportation system along with a thriving bar and food culture, numerous cultural activities, massive employment opportunities, etc.

6. Canberra

The average salary of a chef in Canberra is $61,572. Canberra is considered to be an affordable top city in the world; it means people will enjoy a high living standard but will be more affordable than other top cities. Also, people living here enjoy a transportation system with high connectivity to every part of this place.

7. Hobert

The average salary of a chef in Hobart is $61,584. This city offers a remarkable arts and culture scene and is mesmerizingly beautiful. Also, it’s much more affordable than other big cities in Australia and offers a calming lifestyle. Also, international scholars can apply for permanent residency easily when staying in this place.

8. Newcastle

The average salary of a chef in Newcastle is $65,608. Some of the benefits of living in Newcastle consist of less traffic congestion, ideal work-life balance opportunity, low cost of living when compared with other places in Australia, etc. Also, people enjoy all the modern amenities in this city but offer a community vibe.


These are the best cities to live in and work as a chef in Australia. However, among these, Perth is the best city in Australia for international students or professional workers. The primary reason is that students get the best educational facilities to achieve their goals in this industry. As for professional workers, they get the best average salaries along with increasing job opportunities than any other city. In addition, the people of Perth enjoy quite a high living standard that makes life quite enjoyable. Compared to the average salary of chefs in Australia, Perth comes out as a winner in terms of payouts.


1. Which is the best city in Australia to work as a chef?

The obvious answer to this is Perth because the average salary of a chef here is $95,178. It is much higher than any other city and offers a great relaxing lifestyle along with numerous other benefits.

2. Is being a chef the most demanding career in Australia?

Food is an integral part of any occasion; be it weddings, parties, festivals, etc. Hence, a chef is always in demand. Also, a project job growth of 13.9% is expected in the period 2021 November to 2026 November.

3. Which city has the most job opportunities in Australia?

With more people living in Perth, there are more resorts, restaurants, bars, etc. in this city. Hence, the job opportunity for a chef is much higher in Perth than in any other city in Australia.

4. How much do chefs earn in Australia?

Average chef jobs in Australia salary are $63,848 per year. It depends massively on which Australian city an individual is working as a chef in.


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