Explore Promising Career Prospects Post Completion Of The Diploma Of Hospitality Management

Explore Promising Career Prospects Post Completion Of The Diploma Of Hospitality Management

After completing any professional cooking courses, students are subjected to many job opportunities in the hospitality management sector. You can join Australia’s best hospitality management institutes if you wish to pursue this specialized course.

With the rapid growth of the hospitality industry post-COVID-19, this profession has become a promising and rewarding career, leading to individuals opting for professional cooking courses. The industry has also expanded regarding online business and booking platforms, increasing demand for prospective employees.

This website blog will discuss the career prospects after completing the SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery) course offered by Cookery Courses Perth.

Commis Chef

A commis chef, also known simply as a commis, is an entry-level role in a professional kitchen. They play an important part in the culinary team system, supporting top chefs with a variety of responsibilities to ensure the kitchen runs well. Food preparation duties often include chopping vegetables, creating sauces, allocating ingredients, and keeping the kitchen clean and organized.

The role of a commis chef includes:

  • These professionals assist the station chefs in the kitchen. They mainly assist in preparing ingredients and any other work that the station chefs require help with. They are routinely shifted to help other chefs uniformly.
  • Kitchen restaurants often receive deliveries of groceries and other key ingredients for cooking. They sometimes help in carrying and unpacking.
  • Measuring ingredients is a vital task in every restaurant kitchen. Commis chefs segregate teh spices and other ingredients that are to be distributed to different kitchens.
  • As a commis chef, you will always be learning and training different things in the workplace.

Chef De Partie

A chef de partie, often known as a station chef or line cook, is one of the career positions you can expect with a diploma of hospitality Perth. This position entails supervising a specific section of the kitchen, such as the grill, sauté, or pastry station, depending on the establishment’s layout. They are in charge of executing meals allocated to their station with accuracy, consistency, and inventiveness.

The roles of chef de partie include:

  • Supervise the daily food preparation and perform the duties assigned by their superiors to meet the restaurant standards.
  • Coordinates tasks with the Sous chef.
  • Supervise and guide recruits and junior chefs.
  • Confirm the daily production needs and ensure that the quality of food is maintained.
  • Knowledge of all standard procedures relating to food preservation, storage, sanitation, and many more.
  • Ensure that the customers are provided with quality food and services.

Sous Chef De Cuisine

The sous chef de cuisine, also known as the sous chef, is an important member of the kitchen brigade system, functioning as next in line to the head chef. This profession requires a blend of culinary knowledge, leadership capabilities, and organizational ability.

Sous chefs control the kitchen’s day-to-day operations, which include food preparation, staff management, and kitchen organization. They collaborate closely with the chief chef to develop menus, devise recipes, and ensure quality. Undertake a hospitality management course and embark on a journey to become a Sous-chef de cuisine.

The responsibilities of a Sous chef cuisine include:

  • Communicate with customers to gain feedback on the food quality, ambience, and service provided.
  • Always ready to handle the problems and complaints of guests.
    Keep track of the budget and financial goals of the organization.
  • Ensure that the food prepared is done in accordance with the prescribed method and that they are charged fairly.
  • Ensure that the chefs maintain their kitchen clean and the service providers are in proper uniform.

Chef Executive

The Chef Executive, sometimes known as the Executive Chef, is the highest-ranking chef in a culinary facility, controlling all areas of the kitchen’s operations. You can become a chef executive with a diploma of hospitality management. This renowned role requires a combination of culinary expertise, strategic leadership, and managerial skills. Executive chefs create menus and recipes and ensure that culinary services adhere to the highest quality, taste, and presentation requirements. All these can be performed with professional cooking courses.

In addition to culinary duties, Executive Chefs are responsible for managing kitchen staff, which includes hiring, training, and scheduling.

These experts must have great culinary skills, leadership ability, and business skills to succeed in this position. They must be able to work under pressure, pay close attention to detail, and have a strong desire to excel in the kitchen. Overall, these experts establish the culinary direction and maintain the culinary standards that define the restaurant’s success.

Wrapping Up!

The hotel industry provides several prospects for job growth and advancement. This industry covers a variety of disciplines, including hotels, restaurants, event organizing, theme parks, and more, offering individuals a varied range of professional opportunities.

Individuals can apply to the abovementioned career paths in the hotel sector by undertaking professional cookery courses in Perth.


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