What are the Job Opportunities you can expect After Completion of Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery?

What are the Job Opportunities you can expect After Completion of Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery?

Many people are ineffably fascinated by cooking and wish to convert that into a rewarding career. If you are also someone like that then complete the most remunerative commercial cookery course from Perth, Australia. In this context, by completing Certificate IV in commercial cookery you can take your culinary career to new heights. Successful completion of this course will open your gateway for the hospitality sector of Australia in the most effective manner. Before we discuss the career opportunities that this course offers, let’s attain a comprehensive idea about it.

About this Course!

Most of the core units of Certificate III in commercial cookery are included in certificate IV in the commercial cookery course. The chief objective of this course is to equip you with advanced skills and knowledge gleaned from these units. It focuses on a substantial supervisory role and prepares you for the same. The successful completion of this course will make you job-ready as a commercial chef in the market. While studying this course, you will gain knowledge about coordinating and leading a commercial kitchen successfully.

Career Opportunities

Expect to take your gastronomic career to a thriving extent by completing Certificate IV in commercial cookery. After you complete this course, you will become eligible for the following job opportunities.

Chef de Partie

A chef de partie is a chef who has obtained specialized training. These professionals are responsible for managing a specific section of the kitchen. These sections are conventionally known as stations according to the lingo of the Australian commercial kitchens. The chief task and duties of a chef de partie include the following:

  • Staff management which incorporates providing direction, time-sheeting, and rostering
  • Helping the head chef for making innovative dishes comprising the menu and
  • Preparing, and then cooking and plating food items in accordance with their stations

Some prominent examples of chef de partie include pantry chefs, butchers and sauté chefs, etc.


You can call a chef a professionally trained cook as well. The person is basically trained in all the crucial aspects of food preparation. As a chef, you will be required to preside over several commercial kitchens. These setups chiefly include places like food trucks, cafés and dining restaurants, etc. You can opt for either a few culinary aspects or can specialize in a single one. The primary duties and tasks of a chef include the following:

  • Post-Service: Imperatively ascertaining that the work ambiance is entirely unblemished
  • Service: Involves liaising with the kitchen as well as the various floor-working personnel out there. Cooking and subsequently serving the delicacies is also a part of this service.
  • Pre-Service: Includes ordering the essential ingredients and verifying the inventory etc. Cleaning, and subsequently cutting followed by the foods’ marination are also an indispensable part of this service.
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Why choose Certificate IV in commercial cookery?

As already said, that completion of Certificate IV in commercial cookery course prepares you as a commercial chef. A commercial chef is a professional who can work in a self-reliant manner with the least of assistance from anyone. Aside from teaching you about a quintessential commercial kitchen, it upskills your horizons about some other sectors too. These include team leadership, marketing, finance, management, etc. After you gain these skills and knowledge, you can opt for even better job opportunities even in the commercial kitchen. This course even paves the way to enroll for the Diploma of Hospitality Management course.

Benefits of studying Certificate IV in commercial cookery!

There are benefits aplenty after you complete Certificate IV in commercial cookery from Perth, Australia. Some of them include the following:

  • Attainment of valuable skills and knowledge: Certificate IV in commercial cookery will provide you with essential knowledge and skills pertaining to commercial cooking. Say, for instance, implementing safe work practices, optimizing hygienically safe food practices, and training others, etc. Attainment of these skills and knowledge will again prepare you for suitable job roles in Australia.
  • Jobs in various hospitality settings: To thrive in the culinary sector of Australia complete certificate IV, one of the best Commercial cookery courses immediately. After you complete this course, you will become job-ready for a variety of commercial cookery settings. These include places like hospitals, cafés, bistros, restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • Feasible course delivery: The certificate IV Culinary training is delivered through face-to-face classrooms which combine both workshops and tutorials. The evaluation is done through computer-oriented activities, written exams of assignments, etc.

Currently, some of the top colleges in Perth are offering this commercial cookery program to all its overseas learners. Make sure you get enrolled only at the best academic institution in Perth.
So, do any of the aforesaid job roles entice you? If yes, then complete one of the best cookery courses Perth, i.e., certificate IV in commercial cookery. Rest assured that as soon as you finish this course, you can attain the most rewarding culinary career in Australia.


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