Thrive in The Culinary Industry with Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Thrive in The Culinary Industry with Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Do you want to take your passion for cooking to the next level and build a career out of it? Honestly, it’s not at all a bad idea because you can pursue Certificate III in Commercial Cookery Perth to become job-ready with your culinary skills.

Read this informative article to understand more about this certification and how it will help you establish a career in commercial cookery.

Overview of the Certificate III Commercial Cookery Course

Anyone pursuing cert 3 commercial cookery will receive a blend of theoretical and practical culinary expertise. The faculty members teaching this course are a group of expert chefs. Pursuing this course will teach individuals the necessary skills for preparing different types of dishes.

Additionally, the commercial cookery certification will teach the following to students:

  • Menu costing
  • First aid tips for the kitchen
  • Preparing meals while fulfilling nutrient requirements
  • Maintaining hygiene during food preparation

Certificate 3 is one of the commercial cookery courses Perth that teaches several other important aspects of finding success in the culinary field. Students get to attend several face-to-face workshops where they can have immersive learning experiences in authentic kitchen environments.

At the end of the course, students undergo a well-rounded evaluation and receive their certification. The assessment for the culinary course will include assignments, practical tasks, and written tests. With real-time training, the course prepares individuals for the professional culinary world and transforms cooking enthusiasts into highly qualified chefs.

Career Options

Students pursuing certificate 3 in commercial cookery have diverse career options waiting for them. The progressive educational program will prepare you to work in different culinary settings, like restaurants, cafes, and other commercial kitchens. Becoming a chef seems like the obvious choice after this course.

Some students also consider pursuing this culinary course to enhance their careers. So, this course might help you get promoted to the position of executive or head chef. If you get promoted in commercial kitchen settings, you can also expect your monthly salary to grow.

Becoming a restaurant manager or a hospitality worker also seems to be a good option after completing the certification 3. Some students decide to expand their education further after completing this culinary course. If you are one of them, you can pursue Certificate 4 in Kitchen Management after completing this one.

Duration of the Course

If you are looking for professional cooking courses for a short span, you can consider enrolling in Certificate 3. It is a culinary course for a duration of 52 weeks. You will have to attend some classes and also get study materials. A minimum of 20 hours per week is necessary for this culinary course.


Students interested in pursuing the Certificate 3 commercial cookery course will get access to easy payment options. The charges for this culinary certification will differ for international and domestic students. While international students need to pay $11,900, the amount is $10,900 for domestic students. Additionally, domestic as well as international students need to pay an extra amount of $1,280 for the study materials.

Benefits of the Certification

Are you wondering how pursuing commercial cooking courses Perth will secure your career? Check out the advantages below:

● Industry Recognition

Pursuing Certificate III Commercial Cookery program will validate your culinary skills. It will enhance your career prospects by giving you an edge over candidates who don’t have professional training in managing a commercial kitchen. You will become familiar with the best practices for doing well in commercial kitchens by pursuing this certification. Recruiters will take an interest in you, and your existing employer will promote you because of your ability to handle different challenges in commercial kitchen settings.

● Practical Training

Knowing a lot of recipes isn’t enough to excel in your career as a chef. This culinary certification will introduce you to real-world kitchen settings to impart practical skills. With hands-on experience through cooking assignments and extensive culinary training, individuals will become better at handling unique responsibilities inside a commercial kitchen. The formal culinary training with practical cooking skills will enhance your earning potential and other benefits.

● Diverse Choices

This culinary certification will allow you to pursue jobs in different types of commercial kitchen settings. For instance, you can become a pastry chef at a cafe. You can also explore leadership positions like a catering manager or executive chef. Additionally, the cooking course will allow you to pursue culinary jobs across different parts of the world.

Parting Words

Anyone passionate about and wants a full-time career surrounding it should consider pursuing a Certificate III Commercial Cookery course. The program will teach you advanced cooking techniques and other culinary skills to become an expert in commercial kitchen settings.

Explore the details of the program at Cookery Courses Perth and enrol today to secure your career as a chef.


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