What Specific Positions Can You Aim for with a Diploma of Hospitality Management?

What Specific Positions Can You Aim for with a Diploma of Hospitality Management?

The hotel industry is booming as the magnanimous brands are expanding their franchise more and more. Hence, there is an increased need for candidates certified in hospitality management.

A diploma of hospitality Perth can offer you multiple job opportunities, such as chef, hotel, event or catering manager, hospitality consultant, and many others. Hence, if you aspire to be anyone mentioned above or search for other options offered by these degrees, then enrol in these training programmes without further delay.

In this article, we will suggest the most in-demand professions you can opt for with your diploma in hospitality management. Read along to know more.

The Most Popular Career Options With Diploma Of Hospitality Management

The hospitality diploma courses are wholesome and provide an all-encompassing training experience. Additionally, they get an opportunity to work in the field to gain the necessary practical experience before stepping into the industry. Hence, this course enables its candidates to choose from various career options. Let us look at the top career choices.


This is the most common and trending career choice after completing your course. Depending on your skills, you can either be a main chef or a sous chef. If you want to earn expert skills in a particular field, for instance, baking, then you might opt for advanced pastry chef courses.

Besides, this course, also known as the commercial cookery course Perth, includes core courses like techniques for preparing poultry, meat and seafood dishes. It also included fundamentals of baking pastries, bread, cakes, etc. Additionally, you will also learn how to cook a variety of delicacies while meeting dietary requirements.

Kitchen Manager

Another trendy option is supervising the kitchen operations and ensuring a smooth workflow. This job profile will require managing conflicts and working under pressure and limited budgets. Additionally, you must ensure that the food prepared meets industry standards.

Moreover, you must also manage the kitchen staff and ensure they maintain the necessary guidelines. Lastly, kitchen managers play an essential role in fixing the prices of dishes.

Hospitality Consultant

The fundamental responsibility here is to ensure that the operations within the hotel run smoothly and uninterrupted. They ensure customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. They assist clients in selecting food and beverage venues and various other decisions.

Additionally, they manage the hotel’s finances and ensure operational efficiency. They are also responsible for the company’s profit and loss. They monitor trends and data to devise new strategies to make the brand more competent and efficient.

Hotel Manager

The three significant responsibilities of hotel managers are budgeting, marketing and staff management. They manage a hotel’s day-to-day operations and ensure every guest has a memorable experience.

Additionally, they also ensure customer safety throughout their stay. Other duties include dealing with maintenance issues, collaborating with external parties, and addressing customers’ unique demands.

Front Office Manager

The employed candidate deals with the front desk operations, more colloquially known as the receptionist. Managers are supposed to ensure a smooth workflow at the front desk and improve the guest experience.

They are responsible for ensuring the proper handling of guest check-ins and check-out procedures and ensuring no inconvenience is caused to the guest due to misplaced reservation details or other related issues.

Event Planner

In several instances, guests want to celebrate their wedding, birthdays or anniversaries in the hotel. Many times, requests are made to hold office parties and events. Proper execution of these events takes a lot of planning and arrangement.

In such cases, it becomes crucial for an event planner to play a part. They use their expertise to ensure the smooth management and execution of such events. Additionally, it helps the hotel prove its efficiency and build a good brand impression.

Restaurant Manager

A hotel has multiple sections to manage. Ensuring an uninterrupted workflow in all these sectors will help the hotel maintain smooth operations. Amongst all the departments, the restaurant is the most fundamental one.

Hence, a restaurant manager has multiple duties to fulfil in order to maintain a proper workflow, such as staff supervision, managing day-to-day operations and ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, he also needs to maintain the inventory so that no inconvenience is caused during operational hours.

Food And Beverage Manager

Hotels are majorly associated with the fine dining experience, and it is the manager’s responsibility to provide them with a memorable dining experience. Hence, a manager is appointed whose duty is to train the staff to perfection and help with the onboarding process. They also play an essential role in selecting the menu and making all necessary alterations.

In Conclusion

The Diploma of Hospitality Perth is a very trending and popular course nowadays. It provides you with all the necessary skills to ace your profession, especially if you complete the course from reputed institutions like Cookery Courses Perth. Additionally, it arms you with all the necessary skills and information, enabling you to choose from various career options.

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