How To Become A Professional Chef In Australia?

How To Become A Professional Chef In Australia?

Do you have an inexplicable fondness for cooking which you want to turn into your profession? If your reply is yes, then, Australia has a prospective platform to offer you. By completing any of these Culinary courses Perth you can make your dream come true of becoming a professional chef. However, becoming a chef requires you to dedicate a good deal of hard work and sincerity. So, following is a checklist of some of the effective steps by which you can become a professional chef.

Effective And Efficient Steps To Become A Professional Chef:

So, the following is a checklist of some of the effective steps by which you can become a chef in Australia.

1. Obtain the right qualification!

To begin fulfilling your dream of becoming a professional chef in Australia, you need to obtain compatible qualifications needed to become a chef. Some of the best colleges in Perth are offering remunerative culinary training chef courses in Australia to offshore learners like you. A brief introduction to each of these courses can be considered below.

  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery: The duration of Certificate III in the commercial cookery course is one year. It provides both theoretical & practical skills and knowledge which are imperative for working in commercial kitchens. In short, the chief objective of this culinary course is to get you job-ready as a typical commercial chef.
  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery: A cookery course that provides a diverse range of leadership, supervisory, and culinary skills. Attainment of this knowledge and skills will enhance your job prospects in the market as a chef.
  • Diploma in Commercial Cookery: Learners who have already completed Certificate III and IV in commercial cookery can apply for this course. The accomplishment of this program will provide you with even more advanced knowledge and skills in Commercial Cookery.
  • Advanced Diploma in Commercial Cookery: Students who’ve completed the diploma in commercial cookery can apply for this course. You will be taught the same knowledge and skills but at a greater depth. Successful completion of this course will help you operate as a chef at a more senior level. You need to complete each of these courses back to back in an effective manner. Rest assured that it will transpire your zeal for cooking in the lucrative career ever!

2. Work as a trainee chef!

After you have obtained your intended qualification, it’s time for you to join as an apprentice chef. The total time-frame for this traineeship won’t take more than three years. It requires you to attend in-person classes at your college once a week. Aside, you need to dedicate four days a week back to back at an eminent restaurant in Perth. Following are the chief duties and responsibilities which every trainee chef should preside over.

  • Cleaning
  • Garnishing and plating
  • Preparing the ingredients and cooking of the food items
  • Ordering the various food equipment and supplies out there and
  • Providing help with the procedure of menu planning

The extent of learning is massive when it comes to completing an apprenticeship of a chef. So expect to manage tasks and responsibilities pertaining to the comprehensive range of areas in a kitchen.

qualifications needed to become a chef

3. Start looking for job opportunities!

After you graduate with your pertinent culinary qualification, its time for you to start looking for job opportunities. Some of the steps which are included in searching for jobs as a chef include the following:

  •  To begin with, look for a kitchen job which is compatible in line with your career objectives
  • Subsequently, jot down the venues which you find feasible as your future workplace
  • After doing so, attend the pertinent interview sessions at each of these places back to back
  • While attending these interviews, make sure that you sound impressive to the chief chef as much as possible.

Aside from a restaurant or café, you can also find the job of a chef in other places and sectors. These include boarding schools, hospitals and renowned hotels etc.

4. Be career progressive cumulatively!

Your actual journey as a competent chef begins right after you crack your first job interview successfully. Your primary objective should always lie in developing and progressing in your career gastronomic cumulatively. Say, for instance, your dream is to become an executive chef at the top restaurant in Perth. That won’t be fulfilled overnight! To complete this task successfully, there are a number of short-term goals which you must achieve before becoming an executive chef.

A look at the short-term goals!

So, first of all, you should become a line cook or station chef first. Subsequently, you should look forward to qualifying as a sous chef successfully followed by becoming a head chef and then finally an executive chef. While the entire process may seem quite easy but it is actually not. You need to tread fine-line while implementing each of your career goals. So, if you want to become a successful head chef in Australia too, then, start preparing from today! Hopefully, by executing the steps given above, becoming a chef in Australia will not be a hassle for you at all.


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